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Sunday, October 29, 2017

2nd Half No Shows, Again

The New York Jets are not built to come back from any type of deficit. They don’t have the talent and do not have the coaching. The Jets kicker missed two field goals in very tough field conditions while the Falcons kicker hit four out of four and made it seem like it was 70 degrees and no wind or rain at Met Life stadium. Each game is becoming more typical and predictable as the Jets continue to drain our emotions by the time the game ends. As it turns out I would give game balls to all the Jet fans who attended today’s game and stayed till the end. They are all deserving.

I thought there were three key plays that did the Jets in. Four if you include a great TD catch by Mohamed Sanu. The first one was a beautiful 53-yard pass from Matt Ryan to Julio Jones. The second big play was a 52-yard run by third year back Tevin Coleman which was topped off by that great TD catch by New Jersey product Sanu. The other big play of course was that fumble on the punt by Jeremy Kerley with 6:53 to go in the game. I don’t want to burst Jet fans hopes but the way the fourth quarter has been going, I doubt the Jets would have scored a touchdown. There were a handful of other key plays including a couple of Falcon sacks but these three (or four) were the keys to the game. What went under the radar was when Morris Claiborne, the Jets best DB went out of the game. It is unfortunate and signing him as a free agent from Dallas the only issue was that he could not stay on the field. It looks like he is following his own history. But I just heard the X-rays are negative so that is good news.

Just Like Lucy or Seinfeld Reruns
How many times are we going to see the same script? The Jets open up a lead in the first half only to blow it in the second half. And it is a shame because Robby Anderson ( 6 rec. 104 yds. 1 TD)
had one of his best games ever. Besides his touchdown pass, the pass that he laid himself out at the end of the third quarter for a 32-yard gain was amazing. Josh McCown (26-33, 257 yds. 2 TDs) is starting to look like only a good fantasy player who puts up numbers but cannot deliver in crunch time. Unlike other franchise quarterbacks, he cannot feel pressure quick enough to avoid a sack. And his whole game seems to slow down in the second half from his passing velocity to him extending plays.  Earlier in the week ESPN’s Rich Cimini put out a stat sheet showing how McCown’s QB rating goes down as the game goes on. Here it is:

Fourth-quarter solution: If the Jets want to improve their late-game performance, it has to start with quarterback Josh McCown, whose fourth-quarter passer rating (63.7) ranks 29th in the NFL. Consider his rating by quarter:

First: 124.9.
Second: 97.2.
Third: 90.6.
Fourth: 63.7. No doubt his fourth rating will be lower than the 63.7 once today’s stat is figured in.

Inept Running Game
The Jets running game has become inept. After the Jacksonville game they cannot develop a ground game. Even though it only went for a very short gain, it was good to see a reverse tried to Robby Anderson. The offensive line is an enigma. It is better than everyone thought it would be providing good pass protection but the Jets gained 43 net yards today compared to 140 for the Falcons on the ground. Plus the timing of the pocket collapsing and McCown taking a sack is becoming ridiculous. A couple of times in the game it looked like the Jets were moving backwards. The Jets have got to build up their offensive line. There are some quality linemen coming out.

Bill Parcells Teaching Dedric Ward To Field Punts
I’ve mentioned this before how there is an excellent YouTube video with Bill Parcells (when he coached the Jets) teaching Dedric Ward the finer points of fielding punts. You don’t have to have any type of NFL coaching IQ when viewing this to realize it makes perfect sense. Jeremy Kerley did everything wrong on that punt.

Green Tidbits
.....It's not so much the amount of penalties. It's when the Jets commit them.....Jets got screwed on "defenseless receiver" penalty while against the Pats flag was thrown but picked up after helmet to helmet hit on R. Anderson.....Mo Wilkerson has put together two good games in a row....Time of possession, Falcons 28:19, Jets 31:41.....Jets special teams coverage was great. Field Goal misses and fumbled punt cancelled it out though.....Besides a couple of weak pass coverage plays, Darron Lee was active today.....Hope I don't sound too demanding but Leonard Williams has got to show us more.....It's time to end having Lawrence Thomas in the backfield.....The play/action roll out to the right side of the line is being used too much.....If the Jets lose Thursday night, tickets will be plentiful the rest of the way.....I say play Petty after Thursday....November 1st is trade deadline. Will the Jets be sellers?..... 


             Parcells Teaching Ward (wait for the 30 sec. ad to finish)


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