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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Jets Sucked Us All In!

On a personal note at 4:45pm Sunday I was on the phone with my daughter Lisa (Schupak)Trevino. Just like you I have tried to bring up my three kids the best I can. Unfortunately, Lisa has become a huge New York Jets football fan. She lives in Connecticut where her town is split between New York and Patriot fans. Lisa’s pregnant and is due in January 2018. After another debacle we just witnessed against the Dolphins, I got on the phone and told her (trying to be a good parent) that I am concerned about my future grandchild and that she is not to watch anymore Jet games this season. I don’t think it’s fair for a woman who is having a baby to experience anymore games like the one we all saw today.

The New York Jets organization is made up of frauds! They are coached by frauds! Buster Skrine is a fraud! Darron “what’s pass coverage” Lee is a fraud! And they play like frauds. Two years ago Ryan Fitzpatrick sucked us all in that he was the real deal. A year later we found out he wasn’t. This year the Jets put together a nice 3-game winning streak and played competitively, hurt by a bad call only to lose to the world champs up I-95. They sucked us in! Today the Jets were ahead 28-14 and again we got sucked in only to give the game away to a back-up quarterback. Let me say this right here that our head coach is horrid. When the Jets went ahead 21-14 after a Marcus Maye interception and were about to score again, the Jets defensive secondary, Maye, Skrine and Adams were yucking it up on the bench like they were at a dinner after the Academy Awards. For a head coach to allow this to happen in the middle of a game is beyond belief. And here is a hint Todd, Buster Skrine is a disease when he is on the field. Darron Lee continues to cover players in pass coverage like my neighbor Mark Joseph did when we played on the street at 10-years old. Speaking of Skrine and Lee, on the Dolphins second touchdown drive, Lee got two personal foul penalties and Skrine had a pass interference on him that was one of the dumbest plays by a DB I have seen in ages.

The game in itself was a tough game to watch with this whistle happy referee crew. The NFL has got to do something about the officiating. When you add up all the penalties called, along with the challenges and reviews, the games are getting tougher to watch. In the first half McCown looked great! He was on target and was threading the needle. He threw two TD passes, one to Jermaine Kearse and one to Robby Anderson. He also sneaked in for another after a wonderful turnover by the defense. Jamaal Adams coming in on a blitz deflected Jay Cutler’s pass and Mo Wilkerson (the old Wilkerson) made a great interception. The Jets went into the locker room at half time ahead 21-14.In the third quarter, Matt Moore in for an injured Jay Cutler threw an interception to Marcus Maye. The Jet drove down the field and on a third down pass play McCown hit tight end Seferian-Jenkins for a 10 yard touchdown.

In the fourth quarter, the Jets made Matt Moore look like Dan Marino.  Wide receivers Jarvis Landry and Kenny Stills were looking like the “Mark’s Brothers.” For all you young Jet fans, Marino’s favorite receivers were Mark Clayton and Mark Duper.  I swear that Buster Skrine had money bet on the Dolphins. He is making a case for being the most overpaid player on the team. In fact if I were the Jets I’d hold back his paycheck and if he fights it in court, the Jets can just provide films of this game as evidence. No judge or jury in their right mind would side with Skrine. The Dolphins tied it up on Stills’ second touchdown reception in the quarter. When the Jets got the ball back, McCown threw across his body to the left and it was intercepted. Four plays later the Dolphins kicked the winning field goal. This game was a horrific Jet disaster. And if you are a New York Yankee fan, in the span of 18-hours it was a double barrel experience. At this point I would play Bryce Petty. McCown has played as well as you can expect. The talent level is just not there. His interception at the end of the half against the Pats and the one today are not made by elite winning quarterbacks. The funny thing is, I was thinking when the Jets were ahead 28-14, with two TD passes and one TD rushing, McCown might be up there for “ Offensive Player of the Week.”

Tale of Two McCowns
I made it a point to text or call a few Jet friends to ask if they see what I see in McCown. In the first half he looks good throwing the ball. In the second half the velocity of his passes looks slower. All agreed that he is a different quarterback in the second half compared to the first. How about starting McCown and playing Petty in the second half.

Anderson’s Helmet Throw
It was selfish and uncalled for what Robby Anderson did throwing his helmet in frustration at the end of the game. But I can tell you if anyone has a right to be frustrated, it is Anderson. I have counted seven times that he has been ahead of the field when McCown either does not see him or underthrows the ball. I still think Robby Anderson can be a star in this league. The Jets need someone who can reach him with the football.

Don’t Torture Yourself, Enjoy The Foliage Next Week
I can’t expect Jet fans to be as “dumb loyal” as me. We all understand if you decide to miss next week’s game against Atlanta.
Here are my three favorite places to enjoy the Fall Foliage. Take your family for a drive. I’ll cover our inept team for you!
1) Hudson Valley
If you're up for a little exercise and a breath of fresh air, grab your favorite pair of boots and head out to the area around New Paltz in the Hudson Valley. Climb up to Sky Top Tower at Lake Mohonk, off Route 299, from where you'll be able to see reds, oranges, and yellows spreading out over not one, but six states.
2) Catskills
Take Route 23A to the hamlet of Haines Falls, where you'll find Katterskill Falls, the highest cascades in New York state. A network of hiking trails of varying difficulties offer serene walks through the woods and a number of lookout points over the Hudson Valley.
3) Perkins Point (my personal favorite)
One of my favorite Fall viewing places is Perkins Point located right next to Bear Mountain. The views are very scenic, getting incredible looks of the Hudson River and Iona Island. There are restrooms, and of course the tower to climb up. Trust me, you won’t believe Times Square is about 50 miles away.

Green Tidbits
…..Don’t believe the stats when you see Darron Lee led the Jets in tackles. He had another bad game especially in pass coverage…..Jets wasted a great effort by Mo Wilkerson…..Leonard Williams also had a very good game…..Jets have got to lock up Austin Seferian-Jenkins. Mark my words, BB has his eye on him and he may not extend Gronk in two years…..Marcus Maye showed some shifty moves on his INT…..Jamaal Adams is a talent but having him overblitz will soon back fire……Keep tipping them passes Ealy…..John Morton has got to do something with the Jets second half offense…..Time of possession, Jets 28:02, Dolphins 31:58…..12 penalties for 124 yards and losing two 14-point leads in consecutive weeks is not good coaching…..Jets had no answer for Cameron Wake. This 35-year old player had 2 1/2 sacks….Warm up Bryce. It’s time…..

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