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Monday, December 25, 2017

Bowles, Petty Put Tank On In Full Force

Clock Management Again!
One day in the future someone will explain to me the purpose of the Todd Bowles method of giving up on a game. I am just not comprehending the benefits in a one score game and managing the clock so inefficiently.  Not using your time outs correctly, wasting about 30 seconds of precious time is inexcusable in a game where there is still a slight glimmer of hope. Thank god I did not pay my PSL money to watch this joke of a coach keep making the wrong in-game decisions. Todd Bowles will be the reason the Jets will not sign top free agents in the off season if he remains the head coach. He is probably the only coach in the NFL who knows how to put his team in a position to lose.  And he keeps doing it game after game! Why are the Jet press corp not calling him out more on these decisions? All the Jet scribes who I like never make a big deal about his clock management except for maybe asking a “soft" question about it in his after game press conference. This is mind boggling. To me the headlines on Monday after a Jet loss against the Chargers should read: 


Petty Can’t Transition From Baylor To The Pros
Bryce Petty makes it sound like he can correct all the flaws in his passing game during the week whether it is his footwork or vision. The truth of the matter is if you stick Bryce Petty in the center of the George Washington Bridge with ten footballs and he throws them over the side, five of them may hit the Hudson River. Petty (15-for-28,119 yards) continues to struggle as the Jets quarterback missing open receivers with the most basic fundamental throws. When you put up the stats for the Jets offense the last two games it looks like this: 3 touchdowns scored in 26 possessions. Bryce Petty is making his teammates look worse than they are. Look at the San Francisco 49ers and what Jimmy Garoppolo has done turning that team’s season around.  He is a perfect example of how much a franchise quarterback means to a team and how he makes his teammates around him better not worse a la Bryce Petty. At this point in his career Petty is no better than a third string quarterback. Some sacks he took were his fault. His throws were either too high or wide and in some cases too long. Austin Seferian-Jenkins should have had a big game today but Petty single handedly kept that from happening. There is absolutely no reason in the world why Christian Hackenberg should not start the next (and last) game against the Patriots. If he does not start and is on the opening day roster next year, the Jets are really playing their fans for suckers. 

Bilal Powell’s Wasted Jet Career
It is obvious that on a competitive football team if Bilal Powell (19 rushes,145 yds.,1 TD) was the featured back, his numbers would be great. He would probably have 1,500-2,000 yards of total offense with 8-15 touchdowns a year. This pro’s pro career has been wasted on this team. He is 29 years old and he deserves better. There is absolutely no reason why Matt Forte should be taking repetitions away from Powell. He is a better player right now than Forte. It should have been Bilal Powell’s team this year as a running back with Elijah McGuire spelling him. 

A Downer and An Upper
I said it before that Jamal Adams should not even talk about being All-Pro or the Pro Bowl. He was schooled today by tight ends Antonio Gates and Sean McGrath.  He continues to make as many bad plays as real good athletic plays. He has struggled all year to cover tight ends. Today he had too many missed tackles on running plays. He has really got to put up or shut up and how about catching that interception.  Jamal Adams has really got to take a good look at himself and see what it takes to become a solid professional. He has the talent but must utilize it better. I’m hoping he is not another Calvin Pryor.

Jonotthan Harrison had a solid pre-season. With the play of center Wesley Johnson, we should have seen more of Harrison earlier. Today he more than held his own and hustled down field on that touchdown run by Bilal Powell. This former 26-year old un-drafted player who played for the Indianapolis Colts for three years needs to see more action so the Jets can access what they have at the center position. Wesley Johnson is not the answer.

A Good Offense Makes A Good Defense
Give the Jets defense credit today for keeping the game competitive. Despite numerous mistakes by Jamal Adams and Darron Lee in pass coverage and Buster Skrine, well reverting back to the player we knew, the defense did their job. And with little or no pass rush. A big problem with the defense is the inept offense the Jets are putting out on the field. It seems as soon as they are off the field, they are back on and this takes it’s toll physically and emotionally. If the Jets had an NFL offense that could sustain more drives and get more first downs, the defense would be even better.
Besides needing an edge pass rusher and cornerback, the Jets need to focus on the offensive side of the ball in the 2018 draft.

Green Tidbits
…..3-14 on third downs is more evidence wholesale changes are needed on offense…..Buster Skrine was awful today. On the Chargers’ first touchdown drive he missed a tackle on a 9 yard run, was beaten badly by Gates, then was called for pass interference in the end zone, setting up the touchdown catch by Gates…..Darron Lee continues to struggle in pass coverage and the opposition is targeting him…..Marcus Maye had a solid game…..Good news is the Jets moved from 10th to 8th in the draft today…..I mentioned it earlier but why is Todd Bowles decision making during games getting a free pass? With that said I love the opening on-side kick. ......By the way if the Arizona Cardinals want Todd as head coach, I say it will cost them a second round pick…..Seattle won. Too bad! That 2nd round pick Jets got was getting better and better…..Time of possession Chargers 32:58, Jets 27:02…..Longest pass completion today was 16 yards to Robby Anderson…..Mo Wilkerson showed up at MET Life today at 11:04 a.m. for a 1 p.m. kickoff..... If Jonotthan Harrison is to remain a Jet, please change the spelling of your first name.....



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