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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Jet Fans Are Getting Anxious

This article is written by Green Rewind contributor Ralph Sharaga. 
I've known Ralph for over 50 years and he has been a Jet fan as long as me. Over the years he has had an incredible knack for picking college players that make it in the NFL.

The Allen/Mayfield Choice
Jet fans are getting anxious. As I read it, their main concern is that Mike Mac. will be  presented with the choice of Baker Mayfield or Josh Allen – and they assume he will chose Allen ( AKA the next Hackenberg). While all the prospects come with concerns, including Josh Allen, he is no Christian Hackenberg – not even close.  So, let’s take a  look at the main concern(s)  about Allen and Mayfield.

In the case of Josh Allen, most fans feel that his passing percentage, 56.2%, is the major red flag. “If he can’t hit 60% in college, how will he survive in the pros throwing into smaller windows with a more intense pressure.”  

The following is a list of good to great NFL QB’s, past and present, who completed under 60% in college and improved, (in some cases significantly) in the pros.

Mathew Stafford   Coll.57.1%   Pro 62.0%
Matt Ryan             Coll 59.9       Pro 64.9
Carson Palmer      Coll, 59.1      Pro 62.5
Drew Bledsoe       Coll 54.3       Pro 57.2
Brett Favre            Coll 52.4       Pro 62.0
Dan Marino           Coll 57.6       Pro  59.4
Joe Montana          Coll 52.0       Pro  63.2

There is no guarantee that Allen will achieve anything close to what these guys have done, but the 56.2% should not be a deal breaker considering his incredible physical tools.

In the case of Baker Mayfield,   I see two outstanding concerns– height and the system at Oklahoma.
Other than Russell Wilson and Drew Brees how many other good to great QB’s under 6 foot 1inch can you name in the last  30 years?

While more and more Qb’s are entering the NFL who played in a college spread offense,  how many good to great ones can you name? At the moment it’s just too early to tell. 

Don’t get me wrong, I like Baker Mayfield, but don’t be fooled by his gaudy stats.  A lot of those numbers are the result of the spread offense combined with playing in that ‘arena football’ Big 12 Conference.

For those who are blown away by Mayfield’s crazy stats:
68.5% 131 TDs 30 Ints.
I pose this sobering trivia question. 

The following are career college stats for four QB’s. Can you name them?
 1:  66.3%  39TDs 10 Ints
2:   67.4     98TDs  21 Ints
3:   66.4     88Tds  16 Ints
4:   62.7     62 Tds  10 Ints

Two hints. All four have played within the last 10 years -  and all four, at one time or another, wore the Green and White. Answer below.

1: Greg McElroy
2:  Geno Smith
3:  Tim Tebow
4:  Bryce Petty

You get the point-

Final note. Josh Rosen would be my first choice, but if he’s not there, I’m willing to roll the dice with Josh Allen. He has the highest upside and after half a century of being the official NFL punch line, I say, go for it. 

Green Tidbits:
Jets rescind offer to Suh. Big mistake. Should have gotten him for 2 years. ....WR Terrelle Pryor Sr. is a Jet. Great move. Throw last year away. Two years ago on Browns he had 77 rec. for 1,007 yds. and 4 TDs. Josh McCown threw some of those passes....WR-KR Andre Roberts is a good pick up. He is probably the best kick and punt returner for the Jets in years.....Quietly Mike Mac has done pretty good with free agents this year.....Won't be shocked if Bridgewater starts out on the PUP list this summer.....Johnathan Hankins, 26 years old would look good in the Green and White....Hey Mac, please resign backup center Jonotthan Harrison.....


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