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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Jets Bowles Is An Embarrassment To The Coaching Profession

I spent the weekend in Washington DC and followed the game play by play on the way up to New York via the internet and just finished watching the replay. Jet fans are fortunate to have some excellent beat writers who cover the team for the local newspapers. They write better than I ever will but they are not really in a position to hold Todd Bowles accountable for some of the moves he makes as coach and how he prepares his team for their opponents. On the other hand, I am going to call it like it is. Todd Bowles should never coach another New York Jet football game. Today was an embarrassment from the opening kickoff right up to stupid Jacksonville coach Doug Marrone going for two meaningless points at the end of the game after the Jags scored a late touchdown. More on him later. First off the Jets who are coached by what was thought to be a great defensive mind let up 503 yards which was the highest total let up by the Jets in 10 years. Okay, now right to the point. How in the wide wide world of sports can Todd Bowles ever consider punting the football with 4:33 left in the game losing 25-12. Does he understand the concept of trying to win football games? It doesn’t matter where the ball is on the field. The Jets needed 2 scores and as a head coach he has to understand the risk/reward concept. By going for a first down you have a very minuscule chance of getting close to winning the game. By punting, you have zero chance of winning the game. Wasn’t Todd Bowles watching what was going on in front of him? The Jets made Blake Bortles (29-38, 388 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT) look like Norm Van Brocklin today. This is his 4th year as head coach and he has done something like this every year. Punting the football at midfield on a 4th and 1. Going for 1 point after going up by 12 points against the Buffalo Bills late in the 4th quarter a couple of years ago. Despite Sam Darnold not having a good game, trust me on this. If the Jets don’t change head coaches sooner rather than later, they will ruin this kid.

The Good
There was not a lot of positives but Avery Williams (a great FA pick-up) had an active day forcing a fumble and tipping a pass that was intercepted. Number 54 seems to be where the action is. He has been very consistent in the first 4 games and I mentioned before he looks like an upgrade over Demario Davis. We finally had a Leonard Williams sighting. He had 5 tackles along with a sack and played like he really cared.  Quincy Enunwa looks like the best player on offense every week and if the Jets had 22 who played with the same desire and passion, they would be in every game. Kudos has to also go out to DE Henry Anderson who recorded a sack and tipped a few passes. Punter Lachlan Edwards is having a great year and thank god he is because he will be doing a lot of punting this year. 

The Bad
Truman Johnson is all talk and very little action. This high priced free agent signing looks like a dog out there. Every game he is getting beat for a long gainer. Today it was by Donte Moncrief who I never heard of before. Also I am a big Jamal Adams fan but his act is beginning to run thin with me. The Jets defense was so proud of themselves for only giving up 1 touchdown in the 4 exhibition games they were trying to come up with a nickname. They came up with New Jack City but they look more like Mr. Magoo. Until further notice the New York Jets defense will be known as the Mr. Magoo defense. Sam Darnold (17-34, 167 yards, 1 TD) was not good today. He wasn’t awful but keep in mind he had a couple of sure interceptions dropped. No doubt he seems to be almost constantly under pressure but he could have done a better job. He missed Robby Anderson long.

The Ugly
The Jets have a rookie quarterback. Sam Darnold is the real deal. He will eventually get the Jets to the playoffs if they don’t ruin him first but they have to do better than rush for 34 yards. We all know that the NFL is a pass happy league but you still have to produce some kind of positive running game. Averaging 2.4 yards per rush will not cut it in today’s NFL. The offensive line is a major priority for this off-season. Left tackle Kelvin Beachum should get his life insurance license and get it soon so he can become a salesman. He was atrocious today. He was constantly being pushed back into Darnold and allowed the safety. He also had a huge gain called back because of a penalty. He is starting to remind me of Giant offensive lineman Ereck Flowers who could not block a pillow. The Jets have got to find someone and quick before Darnold gets injured from his blind side.

Green Tidbits
…..Time of possession, Jets 22:25, Jaguars 37:35 tells it all…..Not to forget Darnold had some balls dropped by Powell and Enunwa…..Someone has to explain to my why rookie linebacker 
Frankie Luvu was a healthy scratch today. All he does is play hard and make plays…..Last year we saw Raider coach Jack Del Rio go for a late field goal to run it up. Today it was Doug Marrone. And Todd Bowles shakes hands with both of them after the game. Hey man, show some self respect! You look and act like a wimp…..Please someone tell me Terrelle Pryor is alright. He was MIA today…..I love Enunwa but the spike after the great reception and run was uncalled for. Another reflection on Bowles on top of last week’s 2 unsportsmanlike penalties…..Next 3 games are at home vs. Broncos, Colts and Vikings. Things can spin out of control quickly….As a huge Jeremy Bates fan, I’m at a lost for words with his play calling today…..Hey Sam, bet you wish you had comments back about NFL seems easier than college with hash mark location…..Probably won’t see any Robby Anderson on sideline canvasing for Pro-Bowl votes for a while…..Please tell Jamal Adams that great players keep their mouth shut and make impact plays…..

What The Jets Scribes Are Saying
Rich Cimini, ESPN
Twitter During Halftime: 
The Jets are getting their butts kicked in every way imaginable. The most damning part? They were never in the game. You could sense from the first series they had no business being on the field with the Jaguars, who lead at halftime, 16-0. They've had no answers for Blake Bortles (16–for-19, 216 yards, 1 TD) and the Sam Darnold-led offense has developed no rhythm. The play calling is too pass-heavy, which hasn't helped.

…..Between Mayfield and Bortles, the Jets allowed 589 passing yards -- in only six-plus quarters, mind you. The pass coverage was terrible; too many busted coverages. They were confused by the Jaguars' shallow crossing routes, leaving open receivers in the underneath zones. They were two major breakdowns -- one mental, one physical. They left T.J. Yeldon open out of the backfield, resulting in a 31-yard touchdown. Later, cornerback Trumaine Johnson -- their $72 million free agent -- surrendered a 67-yard touchdown to Donte Moncrief.
“We made Bortles look amazing,” said linebacker Avery Williamson, who, along with Darron Lee, took responsibility for poor underneath pass coverage.
Oh, we forgot to mention the Jaguars played almost the entire game without their No. 1 weapon, running back Leonard Fournette. Good teams overcome injuries. Bad teams don't capitalize.

Manish Mehta, NY Daily News
Doug Marrone’s team had just put one final stake through the Jets’ collective hearts before the Jaguars coach channeled his inner weasel. T.J. Yeldon’s one-yard touchdown run with 25 seconds left gave the Jaguars a 31-12 lead that obviously wasn’t in jeopardy. Then, Marrone took a gratuitous, childish, petty shot at a team that he wanted to work for once upon a time. Rather than kick the extra point – or just take a knee — Marrone opted to try a two-point conversion. Blake Bortles’ pass for Dede Westbrook was incomplete. The game was obviously over, but Marrone, evidently still bitter over not getting the Jets head coaching job after he quit on the Buffalo Bills after the 2014 season, wanted to send a message to the organization that didn’t hire him. (Imagine if Bortles were injured on the play). Oh, we know. We all know exactly what Marrone was trying to do in the waning moments of a dominating performance by his team. No, it wasn’t enough for Marrone to take the win and show good sportsmanship.
“I don’t tell another guy to coach their team,” Todd Bowles said of the bush-league move by Marrone. “If they run it, they got to defend it.”
Marrone offered some lame excuse about banged-up players that prompted his classless act. He even delivered this beauty: “The chart said go for 2.” So, in addition to coaching a legitimate Super Bowl contender, Marrone evidently is now Kevin Hart. What a knee-slapper. Although Marrone also claimed that “we’re not good enough to send a message right now,” you’d have to be the dumbest life form in the Milky Way to not believe that he sent a pointed message to Woody and Christopher Johnson for passing up on him four years ago after he bolted Buffalo with a cool $4 million in his pocket with an eye on the Jets vacancy……So, Marrone held on to the grudge for one more year. It was unnecessary for a guy who has one of the most talent-rich teams in the league. The Jaguars out-played, out-coached and out-everythinged the Jets Sunday.
Marrone deserves credit for the rout. His team won fair and square. Jacksonville is a terrific team that has what it takes to make a true Super Bowl run. There was no need to act like a five-year-old. Maybe he’s better than that. Maybe he’s not. It was garbage either way.

Brain Costello, NY Post
Offense: Grade: F
The Jets looked lost on offense for most of the day. They averaged 3.5 yards per play and managed just 178 total yards. QB Sam Darnold (17-of-34, 167 yards, 1 TD) could not find a rhythm. The Jets ran the ball just 14 times. Offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates looked like he had no plan for the Jaguars’ defense. 

Defense:Grade: D-
The only reason this group avoids an F is because of some late life that ended up with three takeaways and gave a small glimmer of hope for a comeback. The Jaguars rolled up 503 yards, the most a Jets defense has given up since 2008. Jaguars QB Blake Bortles (29-of-38, 388 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT) looked like he was unstoppable. The Jets had no answer for the short crossing patterns Jacksonville continually ran. It was an abysmal effort.

Coaching: Grade: F
The Jets looked unprepared at the start of the game and seemed to have no fire. Todd Bowles had 10 days to get his team ready and it looked like his players were sleepwalking. Bates had a terrible game. He gave up on the run too soon and became pass happy.

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