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Friday, September 21, 2018

Jets Loss Jump Starts Another QB’s Career

“Dumb players do dumb things.”
                     -Bill Parcells

Mo Lewis was not on the field in Cleveland Thursday night. Neither was Drew Bledsoe or Tom Brady. But in similar fashion, Tyrod Taylor had to leave the Jets-Browns game with an injury late in the second quarter and the New York Jets squandered a 14-0 lead. We all witnessed why Baker Mayfield was the number one pick of the draft going two spots ahead of Sam Darnold. It was one of those games where I began turning the sound lower and lower in the second half just to drown out the loud loyal Brown fans. I do this a lot when my teams choke a lead away in a game. The Jets should never have lost this game. One has to wonder just how long can Todd Bowles keep his job. With some of the penalties witnessed, the Jets lack of discipline on the field continues to show up week after week.

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Dumb Player #1 
Isaiah Crowell carrying on in the end zone after a touchdown getting a unsportsmanlike penalty was pitiful. The littlest things can change the momentum of a game and he did his teammates, coaches and fans no favors. And this after it looked like the Jets had figured out the best way to handle defensive end Myles Garrett was to run right at him and not away from him.

Dumb Player #2
Trumaine Johnson was hit with a borderline unsportsmanlike penalty after the Jets stopped the Browns cold on third down. Though the Browns didn’t score on the drive, this was inexcusable.

Dumb Player #3
Morris Claiborne holds on the Browns 2-point conversion after the Jets stopped them. I have seen enough of this guy who constantly let’s the man he is covering get ahead of the field.

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And speaking of the Jets secondary, they act like thugs too many times and keep coming within an inch of getting thrown out of the game. Instead of trying to come up with a creative nickname, they should be spending extra time on the field communicating with each other. One of the biggest culprits is rookie cornerback Parry Nickerson who I’ve been touting since they drafted him. This guy reminds me of someone who is hanging around the street corner in South Central LA or East 138th Street in the Bronx and is going to start in with the first person that goes past him. All these things unfortunately reflect the Jets head coach. Fans were told at the beginning of the season that his job will not depend on the record but on the improvement of the team with a rookie quarterback. Does unsportsmanlike penalties count for anything? Does the pre-snap penalties by the offensive line mean nothing? What about blowing a 14-0 lead to a team that has not won a game since the ice age? Jets owner Chris Johnson has to decide on Todd Bowles and is this what he wants to see every week. With the next two games, Jacksonville and Denver providing horrible match-ups for the Jets, well as Yogi Berra said, “It’s getting late early here.”

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  • Jets Offense
    Sam Darnold did not have a good game. Most of the night he never looked set and never seemed comfortable in the pocket. I thought his best drive was in the 4th quarter the one that ended up with only a field goal. Darnold hit three consecutive 3rd down plays with the last one being a great catch by Jermaine Kearse. But as usual, the Jets had to settle for a field goal. It was obvious that the Jets were protecting Darnold having him get rid of the ball quickly in lieu of setting up to throw deep. I understand the philosophy but those constant bubble screens to Quincy Enunwa were too much. When the Jets started to run well to their left side, they should have gone play-action on first down once or twice. Darnold threw only 8 passes longer than 10 yards. He threw 9 passes behind the line of scrimmage which means the play if completed started out in negative territory. This was not a good game for offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates. He was not creative. The Jets did have a better running attack this week compared to the Dolphin game. They rushed for 107 yards and at 4.3 yards per play. This is acceptable. If I was Jeremy Bates, I’d keep Terrelle Pryor on the field as much possible. I don’t like his personality but in a small sample size (3 games), he has 8 receptions for 158 yards and an average of 19.8 yards per reception. Until the Jets figure out what’s going on with Robby Anderson, Quincy Enunwa should be the number 1 receiver and Pryor the number 2 receiver. If the Jets are not going to throw the ball long to Anderson and if he is going to fumble the short and medium range passes to him then get him off the field. What’s the point? I’m hoping Neal Sterling gets back on the field soon from concussion protocol. He seems to be the Jets best receiving tight end. With him in there, things would loosen up a bit for Sam. Kudos to center Spencer Long. In three games he has played the center position better than any three games last year’s Jet center played. To sum up the offense, it all starts with the line and they did not do a good job. Three second half points is not acceptable for this team.

    Jets Defense
    The one Jet I felt bad for Thursday night was newly acquired linebacker Avery Williamson. I was worried when the Jets let DeMario Davis go after he had a career year last year. Avery Williamson has actually been an upgrade. He was credited with 7 tackles and 7 assists and 1.5 sacks and was a force. Not only does he make tackles but he is one of the surest tacklers I’ve seen on the Jets since the prime years of David Harris. Besides Williamson, the Jet linebackers did a good job. Darron Lee had another solid game and his speed is starting to show more consistency. Jordan Jenkins also played well with a sack. Even rookie Frankie Luvu is showing up each and every game. He may have gotten away with a penalty but Luvu has a motor. The line played well but the Browns still rushed for 133 yards and the Jets seemed to give up big yardage plays when it counted. It’s the Jets secondary that concerns me. The receivers are constantly beating the Jets cornerbacks long and this is an issue. Just by plain luck, the Jets could have given up at least 4 more touchdowns on long passes this year but over throws, under throws, and penalties negated those. This Morris Claiborne looks like a rookie every game. With his ability there really is no excuse for his play.
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    Five Plays We Want Back
    1. Isaiah Crowell-acting like a clown gets a unsportsmanlike penalty after a touchdown. Unfathomable!
    2. Morris Claiborne-getting a holding penalty after the Browns first 2-point conversion failed. Lack of concentration.
    3. Trumaine Johnson-gets a unsportsmanlike penalty after stopping the Browns on third down after play was over. I’d bench him.
    4. Doug Middleton-safety should have had an INT after pass from Mayfield bounced off his chest in the end zone. Typical!
    5. Robby Anderson-fumbling pass completion giving the Browns field position they should have never had. Disappointment so far this season.

    Green Tidbits
    …..Safety Marcus Maye foot injury is a mystery. No one in the Jet organization is saying what it is…..Only 3 games in if I had to pick a Jet MVP, it would be either linebacker Avery Williamson or punter Lachlan Edwards who is doing an incredible job thus far…..Three games, Sam Darnold’s Stats: 56-91 701 yards, 3 TDs, 5 INTs, QB rating of 72. Shouldn’t surprise anyone. Only stat I’m concerned about is 7.54 yards per reception. Should be higher…..Jets are doing a good job breaking in rookie linebacker Frankie Luvu…..I want to know more about Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Todd Monken. He was a college QB, turned around So. Missippi football team as head coach and has Ryan Fitzpatrick playing the best football of his life. Someone has to tell me if he is NFL head coaching material….I watch all the Jet and Giant games and in only 5 games have never seen the defense penetrate both teams offensive lines so much to make contact with the running back behind the line of scrimmage…..DE Henry Anderson is one player Mike Maccagnan has got to get credit for. He is playing solid football…..Before you compare every pass, remember that Sam Darnold is 21 and Baker Mayfield is 23…..Kevin Pierre-Louis punt block was awesome…..


    What The Jet Scribes Are Saying
    Rich Cimini, ESPN
    Everybody knows the New York Jets aren't a finished product. They're a young team in the middle of a rebuilding cycle, yet there's enough talent to dominate at times. We've seen the Promising Jets in six of 12 quarters. In the other six, well, now you're talking about the Maddening Jets. There's a wide gap between the two personas, and it's on coach Todd Bowles to narrow it before the season gets away…..A work-in-progress team such as the Jets should be a smart, overachieving bunch that shows on a weekly basis that its whole is greater than the sum of its parts. You know that kind of team: It'll fight for 60 minutes, then maybe come up a little short in the end because it lacks talent. The fans can embrace a team like that. These Jets are not that team. That kind of team doesn't blow a 14-0 lead to a team that had gone 19 games without a win. That kind of team doesn't commit bad penalties at critical junctures. That kind of team doesn't let a rookie quarterback, in his debut, look like Aaron Rodgers. The Jets did all that in a shameful loss to Baker Mayfield & Co. that won't soon be forgotten.

    …..Jets had ultra-aggressive game plan against Tyrod Taylor — 12 blitzes in 18 dropbacks. Worked like a charm. They remained aggressive vs Baker Mayfield (11 blitzes/24 dropbacks), but not at the same level. Mayfield’s quick release offset the blitz.

    Manish Mehta, NY Daily News
    Overreaction Friday was sprinkled with predictable calls for the head coach’s head, armchair play-callers and a bunch of Al Bundy’s who surely could run circles around the players they watch every week just because they once scored four touchdowns in a homecoming game. The geniuses were out in full force the day after the Jets’ 21-17 loss to the Browns. Venting might be a part of a fan’s DNA, but let’s find some perspective. You mean Gang Green, a Vegas underdog, lost a Thursday night road game with a 21-year-old quarterback making his third career start in 11 days? The horror! The shame! It’s a wonder that the rest of the NFL owners haven’t already called an emergency meeting to contract the league to 31 teams. Memo to the lazy Same Old Jets crowd: This wasn’t one of the worst losses in recent Jets history. I’ve been to 138 consecutive Jets games in the past decade and covered the team in some form for 15 years. This isn’t in the Top 10 worst losses in that window. This one stings because the Jets squandered an 11-point halftime lead, not because they lost the game. They were projected to lose the game by people with no dog in the fight…..It’s not too difficult to understand what happened Thursday night. Bowles, an old-school coach, wanted to make it clear to Bates that running the ball was paramount after last week’s pass-happy approach against an aggressive Miami front didn’t exactly work out.
    “I thought we were well-balanced on offense,” Bowles said. “I thought we had some plays dialed up off what they did. They changed some things around in the second half that negated some of the things we had dialed up. But I thought offensively we had a good game-plan ... and it was balanced.”
    The Jets, frankly, didn’t make tangible second-half adjustments. That’s absolutely a coaching issue that must be rectified to help cultivate Darnold’s talent.
    “I know we got good character,” Bowles said. “I know we'll fight and I know we have a decent team. We just got to cut down and fix some things.” That sounds great, but Bowles knows better than anyone that words are meaningless if not proven with actions.

    Brian Costello, NY Post
    The Jets had an epic collapse on Thursday night against the Browns, blowing a 14-point lead to lose 21-17. Here are some thoughts and observations from the game:
    1. This was a game that felt ripped from 2017 — the bad penalties, the blown lead, the fourth-quarter collapse. These Jets were supposed to be beyond this. Thursday night showed they are not and that reflects poorly on coach Todd Bowles.
    Bowles seems like a stern coach. He acts like it when he talks to the media. Players I respect who have played for him with the Jets have talked about how he emphasizes discipline. But then you watch his team play, and they completely lack any poise or composure in so many bad losses. Does Isaiah Crowell do that disgusting celebration if he fears his coach’s reaction? No way. He clearly does not care what Bowles thinks.orris Claiborne committed an inexcusable holding penalty in a huge spot for the second straight week. Bowles’ specialty is coaching defensive backs. Yet he has not figured out how to get Claiborne or Buster Skrine (who left the game with a knee injury) to stop grabbing receivers.
    I don’t get to see practice every day. Reporters only see a small window during the season. I am not in the meetings. I am not in the locker room when he addresses the team. So I don’t completely know how Bowles handles situations. I have been told by players that he fines them frequently, but things have to get egregious for them to lose playing time. I think that is where Bowles makes his mistake. If a guy commits a terrible penalty, bench him for the next series. Players want to play. Make them feel it by sitting on the bench for a little while. Bowles never benches players. Other than a quarterback change in Arizona in 2016, I can’t remember Bowles taking a player out of a game for poor play or discipline. Bowles is now 21-30 as the Jets coach. He has to figure out how to get his team more disciplined before he runs out of time to do it….. The way the Jets offense opened this game and operated for much of the night screamed that the coaches did not trust the offensive line. The quick passes were all designed to get the ball out of Darnold’s hand quickly before the pass rush got to him. I thought it was a smart way to open the game, but they needed to move away from it once they established the run. Why not try some play-action shots downfield once you had the running game rolling? Offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates said a few weeks ago that the Jets were going to take their swings. On Thursday night, they barely took the bat off their shoulder.

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