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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Jets Quarter Season Anaylsis

Green Rewind By Marty Schupak  Oct. 7, 2015
    Okay Jet fans, let’s start with a trivia question:
Who was the first rookie quarterback in NFL history to start his career with a record of
3-0 in his first three starts? The answer will be given later.

    The bye week couldn’t come at a better time for the Jets. David Harris (quadriceps), safety Calvin Pryor (bruised knee) and defensive end Leonard Williams (sprained ankle) hopefully will all be ready to go against the Redskins. If Eric Decker is completely healed, this will also be a plus.
    The Jets offensive linemen have allowed just two sacks, tied for the league’s fewest. But the Jets have also given up the fourth most quarterback hits in the league. The line has four of five starters over 30 so this may be eventually become an issue. Also, historically Fitzpatrick has played well early in the season only to go downhill in December. Let’s see how well he can keep this thing going.

     Some other notable stats for Jet fans for the first quarter of the season:
  1. Chris Ivory is 3rd in rushing with 314 yards behind Adrian Peterson & Matt Forte.
  2. Brandon Marshall is 5th in the league in receiving yardage with 400.
  3. Darrelle Revis and Marcus Williams are tied for second with a bunch of other players with 2 interceptions each.
  4. Muhammad Wilkerson, with 3 ½ sacks is tied for third in the league (sign him).
  5. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the twentieth rated QB in the league. He has 7 TD passes, 6 interceptions and has a QB rating of 78.1.
  6. As a unit the Jets defense is 14th in the league in rushing yards allowed with 379 yards. Interestingly the Jets next opponent, the Redskins are 2nd with 312.
  7.  In pass defense the Jets are 3rd in the league giving up 742 yards in the four games. An interesting stat is that the defense has allowed only 51.1% pass completions, best in the league!
  8. In the “Take-Aways, Give-Aways” category (INT & fumbles) the Jets are second in the league with a +6 differential which includes six interceptions and seven fumble recoveries.
    Going into the second quarter of the season ……….

1)    I’m concerned about the over use of Chris Ivory. I don’t see how he will be able to maintain this pace. By the way, I know exhibition games are meaningless but Zac Stacy doesn’t look like the same player now, compared to the pre-season. He is just not hitting the holes. RB Stevan Ridley is on the PUP list and I’m not sure of his status. In 2012 he rushed for over 1,200 yards for the Patriots but no one knows how much he has left in the tank. He fumbles, but he can help.
2)    Sheldon Richardson will be back which is a huge plus. I expected the league to add a couple of more games to his suspension but so far so good.  The “D” line will be able to rotate players and with their talent and this will give the opposition fits.
3)    Demario Davis is getting better with each game. Hopefully he keeps it up.
4)    As I mentioned before, I’m not at all happy with our punter. Our punt returns and punt coverage have also been abysmal.
5)    Wishing, hoping, praying that Fitz and Devin Smith will get on the same page.
If they do, it should be exciting. Smith is just oozing with talent.
6)    Coach Bowles has got to be more selective on his challenges.
7)    We have to cut down on our penalties.

    Trivia answer: Mark Sanchez. The Jets started off the 2009 season with wins over:
   Houston Texans, New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans.

1 comment:

  1. While I am as pleased with our start as all Jets fans are, to keep things in perspective here is some reality... the three teams we beat have a combined record of 4-8 and the record of all four teams is 5-11. I know a lot of people were very high on the Dolphins, Colts and Eagles to be serious contenders this year but, so far anyway, they have been garbage.
    Washington is going to be as good as any of the teams we have faced so far and we better be ready coming off the bye. They could, and probably should, also be 3-1 if it weren't for blowing the opening game against Miami.
    I would also be a bit worried about over using Ivory except he sat out the Eagles game and we have a bye this week so I don't think last game will hurt much. Although I thought they should have had the game wrapped up in the 3rd quarter so he could have sat the rest of the way.
    I'm still not expecting anything from Richardson this season, so until I hear a definitive number of games from Goodell I will just be happy with ANY games he plays.