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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Green Rewind By Marty Schupak Oct. 13, 2015

    This is Sheldon Richardson week! What do we expect from this player who seems to be filling up his suitcase with baggage we don’t want? Richardson, who comes from University of Missouri begins his third season with the Jets this Sunday. He has been a force in his first two years and some people (including me) think he has more talent than Muhammad Wilkerson. His stats are impressive for only two years with 84 solo tackles, 11.5 sacks (3.5 in yr. one and 8 in yr. two).  He also has one safety and two rushing touchdowns on his resume. He will want to impress as soon as he steps on the field. He still has to get into playing shape. I expect he’ll play between 10-20 plays against the redskins.
    The Jets have been doing well without utilizing their tight end in their passing game. This will eventually catch up to them. I know Gaily’s offense is not “tight end friendly” but the Jets have to throw more to their tight end(s). In a three receiver set, with Marshall, Decker & Smith, the tight end has got to be able to get open. This will add another dimension to the offense opening up things for the other receivers. If our tight end catches just 2-4 passes a game the offense can be more effective. The good news is Jeff Cumberland, who is coming off a concussion practiced on Monday. Let’s throw to him Sunday!
    More good news from the practice field. Both Calvin Prior and Leonard Williams participated fully in practice on Monday. Pryor is nursing a bruised knee and Leonard Williams is nursing a low ankle sprain which is much better than a high ankle sprain.
    Let’s give safety Marcus Gilchrist credit. I was skeptical about the Jets signing him but this fifth year player from Clemson is doing a fine job. He has elevated his game coming from the Browns and seems to be in the right position most of the time. Though he doesn’t have the athleticism of a Buster Skrine, he is turning out to be a fine F/A signing. He has one interception so far and he has six career INT’s in forty-four games started which is impressive. Let’s keep an eye on #21.
   The Jets must upgrade their whole punting game from A-Z. One only had to watch the
Patriot-Cowboy game played this past Sunday to see how much field position can help determine the outcome of a game. The first thing I’d do is get Mike Westoff out of the broadcast booth and back on the field to help.

 Green Tidbits:

Here’s a scary thought, Dee Milliner is scheduled to start practicing next week.

At 3-1, the Jets are two games over .500 for the first time since week 16 of the 2011 season (this one is from Rich Cimini).

If you love the Jets, you must check out our new Video Historical Highlights page. 
If you ever need a “pick me up,” check out the video clip on top. I’ll give you a hint. 
It involves David Harris and a QB up I-95.

I’m rolling quarters to buy my Joe Namath Rapid Cooker.

Coach, the first time Washington is 3rd & 11, I want to see Wilkerson, Williams, Richardson and Harrison in at the same time with Harris and Trevor Reilly blitzing.

Ryan Fitzpatrick sets up the screen pass nicely but it is becoming too much of a regular play each week. Other teams will catch on.

I wanted the Jets to sign RB Shane Vereen so bad. Now he is on pace to have 70-80 receptions for the Giants.

I know he is not thought of well by Jet fans but let’s give John Idzik a little credit for creating cap space.

Has Jet PSL’s gone up in value yet?

Your comments are welcome below.

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