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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Green Rewind By Marty Schupak Sept. 11, 2015

    I am predicting the Jets will go 10-6 this year. Last year I predicted the Jets would go
1-15 and took abuse from the most ardent Jet fans. A lot is dependent on things happening right. Injuries are always the number one concern. Ryan Fitpatrick’s broken leg from last year continues to be an issue. 
    I feel the biggest difference this year will be the offense. The Jets lacked playmakers the last couple of years. They lacked players that would keep opposing teams defensive coordinators up at night. I really believe Brandon Marshall will be that player. He came into camp in top shape and has looked very good in the pre season. Chris Ivory is also in excellent shape. The offensive line is above average and Ryan Fitzpatrick will surprise people. He is not a super star but he has above average skills, he sees the field well. He lacks being able to connect on the really long pass but Jets fans will see more offense this year then they have seen in the last two years.
    The Jets defense will be a top 5 defense this year. Make no mistake Sheldon Richardson will be missed the first four games (and probably a couple more ) but the players they have left including number one pick Leonard Williams will make for a solid unit up front. Our linebackers lack speed on pass coverage but do well against the run.  With Darelle Revis back, our secondary will be very good. I’m still not 100% confident in Antonio Cromartie and Calvin Pyror.
   The unit I’m concerned about most is the special teams return team. Jeremy Kerely is the master of the “fair catch” on punt returns. Chris Owusu as a kick returner seems to be a player with a concussion always waiting to happen.
   Todd Bowles seems too laid back sometimes but players love playing for him. He’ll get a “Mulligan” or two his rookie year but let’s hope he knows how to manage time outs. All in all this is the most optimistic I’ve been in three years.
Enjoy the season. Let’s Go Jets!

Green Tidbits

Sometime after the first game, the Jets should sign another QB.

I’ve heard more Jet commercials for tickets this year than ever before. The NFL is great but they got to be careful about pricing themselves out.

WR Devin Smith is getting close. Worse case is he gives it a go and goes on injured reserve. Best case, he lights it up like Beckham after he missed games. Most realistic, 35 catches 3 tds this year.

Please Todd, don’t even think about Decker returning punts.

After going out with an injury last year, I’m hoping FB
Tommy Bohanon can show more of the same from his rookie year.

Did Mike Westoff shed any tears when Steve Weatherford got cut from the Giants?

Demario Davis has got to give us some impact plays this year.

I’m not at all comfortable with Quinton Coples at Outside Linebacker.

My gut feeling is we get better week to week.

Jets first and goal from the opponents five. How they going to line up against Brandon Marshall.

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