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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Jets & Fitzpatrick Stumble 24-3!

  To all my fellow Jet fans who made the trip to Arrowhead, I’m sorry you had to witness what you saw. Believe it or not, as bad as Ryan Fitzpatrick played with 6 interceptions, this wasn’t my major concern coming out of this debacle. The general decision making by Todd Bowles is getting scary. At the end of the first half he has to show more confidence in his defense (and believe or not the offense) and use his time outs (1:22 left in half) when the Chiefs have the ball. In a game when you are behind and are kicking off in the second half, offensive possessions are a premium. Also on that one-handed catch by Brandon Marshall that was called out of bounds, I saw it as a touchdown with both feet in bounds. Why in the world did Bowles not challenge that play?  Who is feeding him advice via going for two points (see Buffalo game) and when to challenge? Also keep in mind the Jets had 10 days to prepare for this game. The Jets were completely out coached. In the three games played this year, I would say he is doing a bad job. My confidence is waning in coach Bowles.
  As far as Ryan Fitzpatrick, he was beyond bad. His line was 20-44, 188 yards, 6 INT.
Even on some of his completions he was throwing behind the receivers. Robby Anderson had a nice 26-yard reception but if you look at that play close, you’ll see that Anderson was ahead of the defender and had to wait for the ball. That play should have been a touchdown.  He was throwing behind his receivers against the Bengals also. After his 5th interception today, I could not believe Bowles kept him in. This tells you how much confidence he has in Geno Smith. Now this is not in defense of Fitz but when Alex Smith (25-33, 237 yds.,1 TD) was throwing to his receivers they were open by 1-4 yards. It looked like the Jet receivers were covered all day. Still this is no excuse for Fitzpatrick. He also tends to lock on to his receivers at times. Giving the opponents this advantage to read the QB’s eyes will get the ball tipped and intercepted or both as we saw today. There is still a lot of football left in the season. Fitz has got to step up starting this week.
  I’m not sure why Chan Gailey did not run the ball inside the Red Zone (remember 1st & goal from the 6 yard line).  Forte was running fairly well. Give him the ball on first down.
And our screen pass must be easy to read. The Chief defender ran right by Nick Mangold on one of the screens and we got a 4-5 yards loss.
  On defense, I’m not one to give them a break. You can say the defense only gave up 10 points but they made the Chiefs look unstoppable at times. The Chiefs seemed to make every important 3rd down play in the first half. Do we have anyone who can cover a tight end? David Harris can’t! Calvin Pryor can’t! Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce (6 rec. 89 yds. 1TD) looked like all world!  The Chiefs seemed to run crossing routes and slants over the middle at will. And how many times are we going to see that bubble play (or WR screen) go for positive yardage? Hey Coach Bowles, here is a scouting report. Moving forward, every team the Jets play will try that wide receiver screen. Let’s practice defending ti.
  I like wide receiver Jalin Marshall’s talent and potential. I said it before, I don’t like him returning the ball on kick offs or punts. I don’t like the way he fields punts, catching the ball moving backwards most of the time. And I don’t like the way he holds the ball on kick offs. I’m not sure who we have but we have got to get someone who can be a return man. Otherwise we will see more of what we saw today with him fumbling on a return that was converted into a touchdown.
  Muhammad Wilkerson has got to step it up. He is playing only average.  He has a lot more than average talent. The Jets aren’t paying him like an average player. He had 1 ½ sacks in the Bengal game but since then has not stood out. The Jets need him to make some game changing plays.
  The Jets number one draft pick Darron Lee is getting better with each game. He got caught up on the Kelce touchdown. But besides that this kid is making plays. And he is looking quick doing it. In the beginning of the season the Jets spoke about using him only on passing plays but it is obvious that Lee is a player. He’ll make mistakes especially on passing plays but he should play most of the game. The Jets defense needs his speed out there.
  No loss is easy but going into this game the Jets had a chance to make a statement to the other teams in their division but this was not to happen. They still have a good shot to turn it around. The Jets have got to win the next game against Seattle. 

Green Tidbits:
….We must get Robby Anderson more reps….Good to see LB Jordan Jenkins make his NFL debut….Lorenzo Mauldin got his second untimely penalty two weeks in a row….I usually don’t complain about refs but the Jets got jobbed on 3 plays. Powell’s fumble-he was down. On Kelce TD, there was an obvious illegal procedure that should have killed the play. On Marshall’s one-handed catch. He was in bounds….As bad as the Jets and Fitz were, they still had a chance to win with 8+ minutes left in the game…Enunwa continues to show his toughness getting whacked on a few receptions….Worse game I saw free safety Marcus Gilchrist play as a Jet….It’s becoming more obvious the Jets will draft another QB in 2017.... 

Fan Comments:

Dan D. Jets & Fitzpatrick Stumble 24-3!":

Marty, disagree on the Marshall 'TD' - he looked clearly OB to me, and the fact that he didn't argue sealed it for me - you KNOW he would have said something if he felt her was inbounds. And Pryor isn't really the issue on covering the TE - he can, but he can only cover one at a time. The Chiefs have several big, athletic TEs
and used them together a few times, meaning someone else has to be able to cover them. maybe Lee can, with time and experience. And Gailey's play calling was strange at times. He's usually a pretty creative guy - except at the goal line - and he seemed to have lost that today. Although being behind the entire game can certainly

cause you to change your initial game plan. 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Jets & Fitzpatrick Stumble 24-3!": 

2 out of 3 games the QB fails the Jets. Thankfully he bet on himself and is only signed for 1 year. The Pats backup QBs have not thrown a pick. Fitz has 7 - so sad. 


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